Information for contributors

  • Please attach your advert, notice  to an email to or use the contact form.
  • Reports and articles should be written and submitted as a Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher document.
  • Adverts should be submitted electronically and can be submitted as .jpeg or .pdf. The advert must be to size (1/8th page adverts are landscape (horizontal) format, 1/4 page adverts are portrait (vertical) format, and the resolution should be 600dpi. Please note that your formatting may alter during transfer so if you want the advert to appear exactly as you have prepared it then it should be sent as .pdf or .jpeg file. If you are unable to provide electronic copy, we can put you in touch with local providers
    of artwork design services.
  • Payments may be made via BACS, cash or cheque via post or in person, by the due date.
  • All fees to cover the total number of insertions are required prior to inclusion.
  • All contributions should have a name, address, telephone number or email address.
  • Please make cheques payable to Gairloch & District Times.
  • BACS payment information: 80-06-87 00318402. Please use your name as reference, to aid identification!

Costs, advert sizes and subscriptions

Please note that as of 1st January 2017 we are VAT registered (VAT reg no 255 5955 69) and will have to charge VAT on adverts. Prices are inclusive of VAT.

All adverts should be submitted with payment. An invoice can be issued if required, and must be paid by the due date. If payment is not received, the advert will be discontinued. Billing/Invoice enquiries should be made to

Business, property & events adverts, crofting notices

Advert sizeSingle issue7 issues (5% discount)13 issues (10% discount)25 issues (15% discount)
1/8 page - 92mm x 65mm (horizontal landscape format)£7.50£49.88£87.75£159.38
1/4 page - 92mm x 134mm (vertical portrait format)£14.00£93.10£163.80£297.50
1/2 page - 92mm x 272mm (vertical format) or 185mm x 134mm (horizontal format)£27.00£179.55£315.90£573.75
full page - 185mm x 270mm£52.00£345.80£608.40£1,105.00
Registered charities, churches and local groups are eligible for a 50% discount on the commercial rates. 1/8 page notices are also free for these groups.


personal adverts (for sale, etc.)Items for sale less than £100Free
Items for sale, total cost £100 or above:
Up to 5 lines - 92mm width£2
6 to 10 lines - 92mm width£4
information entriesDiary, acknowledgements, letters, local reports (see note 2 below)Free
receiptWe will issue or email a receipt on request
postal subscriptions
(25 issues per annum)
£2.50 per issue, which includes shipping, calculated from the point in our financial year that you take out your subscription. Your fee (contact us to find out the cost to you), together with your contact details, including email address if you have one, should be sent to:
Editor, Gairloch & District Times office,
Gairloch Community Hall,
Achtercairn, Gairloch,
Ross-shire IV21 2BP

Advertisers please note:

  • Your advert should be submitted to the above dimensions.
  • The best format in which to submit adverts is .jpeg, but the advert must be to size. The resolution should be 600dpi.
  • We will translate all .pdf submissions into .jpeg.
  • We do not recommend Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher formats for adverts, for the following reasons:
    1. There is only a small chance of your formatting being preserved during transfer.
    2. If the Gairloch & District Times computers don’t have the fonts you have used, you are not likely to be pleased with the result.
  • Of course, you are welcome to set up your advert in Word or Publisher (or whatever software you wish), as long as you submit it as .jpeg or .pdf. The latest versions of Word and Publisher allow you to export directly to .pdf.

Note 1: To conform to the good practice requested by OSCR any charity entry that does not display the correct charity reference number will be charged at the full rate. Concession rate applies to non-charity registered churches, local clubs and community groups at the discretion of the editor.

Note 2: We encourage the submission of written reports that provide colour and substance to the newspaper. However, reports that are principally an advertisement will incur charges as listed above.

Gairloch & District Times can only guarantee stated prices for the current issue and reserves the right to increase the prices without notice.


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